Mike 'Red' Tobiason is ready to rally the Rowdy.

Not only is he pursing his Ph.D. in material sciences...

Posted on 01 Feb 2017

Mike is ready to rally the Rowdy Alumni! With his help the alumni department is hard at work getting together a Rowdy Alumni schedule for 2017 complete with a bus to both a football game (Sept. 16) and a basketball game (TBD). 

On a more serious note, Mike has been hard at work studying material sciences at Boise State University where he will complete his Ph.D. soon. His research interests focus on the domain and sequence level design of new DNA based chemical reaction networks.  Mike gives credit to Pat McCurry for bringing him to C of I and for creating a strong track team on and off the field. The alumni and students that were on the team are still close and plan to stay friends for a life-time.