Alumni interested in posting jobs or internships:

  1.  Jobs (for alumni) can be posted on the alumni website by visiting the alumni job listing page. Jobs posted on this page are only visible to alumni and senior students approaching graduation.
  2.  Jobs and internships (for students or alumni) can be posted as an employer on  Coyote Connections Live. Before posting a job or internship on Coyote Connections Live please review the College guidelines available on the CEL employer webpage.

Alumni interested in looking for jobs:

  1. Jobs posted by alumni, for alumni, are available on the alumni jobs page
  2. Jobs for alumni are also posted on  Coyote Connections Live. These jobs are posted by alumni and outside sources for alumni and students to apply for. To gain alumni access to Coyote Connections Live contact
  3. Visit the Job Resources page.

Coyote Connections Live is The College of Idaho's online job communications board! All alumni are invited to begin building their professional profiles. Coyote Connections Live allows you to gain access to volunteer opportunities, jobs, internships, and full-time career development and placement assessments. 

Like any networking tool, the more effort you put into your profile the better the results will be. Setting up a successful profile takes roughly 30 minutes of exploring as the system also has self assessment tools. To gain access to Coyote Connections Live, contact  

Coyote Connections Live - Instructions.pdf

For more information and job resources check out the College's CEL